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Macky's Heating offers a wide variety of services Boiler and underfloor system repair,installation and servicing. (Natural Gas, L.P.G. & Oil & Vapourised oil) Domestic & Commercial Boilers & Aga stoves

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  • Boilers                                                        

Macky's Heating installs and services boilers that are running underfloor heating systems.The advantage of requesting our services to Install ,Repair & Service your boiler that is running an underfloor heating system is because we have great experience with underfloor heating. Every time a boiler is installed ,repaired and serviced the performance of the underfloor heating needs to be checked simultaneously with the performance of the boiler to make sure that the boiler is responding correctly to the underfloor heating controls and is operating at the most efficient temperature according to the load and Delta 'T' of the system. Note: We also service and Repair all Quick Heat Units Manufactured By Ippec Systems.

  • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

We Install, Repair and Commission unvented hot water cylinders with a capacity of up to 500L max.Just to Clarify the Commissioning of an unvented hot water cylinder should not be taken lightly.Every time an unvented hot water cylinder is installed it should be commissioned by an unvented qualified engineer for the safety of the occupants in the property.Some of the things Commissioning an unvented cylinder involves checking the correct operation off Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves,High Limit and Variable Cylinder Thermostats which are connected to pumps/valves that controls the supply and isolation of the heat source to the cylinder,also check the correct type and size of expansion vessel and   that all the discharge pipes are the correct size ,correct material and installed in compliant with current Building Regulations.We also make sure that the cylinder heats up before a designated time to make sure it is compliant with Building Regulations Part L (Energy Efficiency).Some of the things Repairing an unvented cylinder consists of changing any faulty pressure and temperature relief valves, expansion vessels,cylinder thermostats,pumps/valves,immersion heaters.

  • First Fix Plumbing

Macky's Heating Installs first fix plumbing using pex-pipe and a manifold system with domestic hot water circulation loop   and with optional ring system.The advantages of using pex-pipe plumbing is that there are no joints under the floor only at the manifold above surface,these manifolds are made from brass and the connection from the pipes to the manifold are made by compression fittings which makes this system superior to most systems on the market,Pex-pipes are already in conduit for extra protection it can also be installed in screed which is perfect to install along with underfloor heating systems.A domestic hot water circulation loop is useful when you have bathrooms or en-suits that are far away from the cylinder when the hot water tap is switched on you get instant hot water.The ring system is a design used to create equal water pressure through out the D.H.W. system,for instance if you have three bathrooms and the first one is in use it sometimes creates a drop in pressure in bathroom two and three.If a feed is connected to bathroom one and another feed to bathroom three   with bathroom two fed by bathroom one and two creates a ring of water pressure being fed from either end,so which ever bathroom is being used you would achieve the same pressure through out the system.

  • Underfloor Heating

Macky's Heating Installs,services,Repairs,upgrades old systems to make them more efficient and Commissions Underfloor Heating Systems and Controls.We are very flexible when it comes to underfloor heating installation as you are aware in todays competitive real estate market people always have to save money in a sensible manor any way they can,Macky's Heating is aware of this and always gives the customers that want to do as much as they can in different stages of installation,we even encourage this by putting discounts in our quotes i.e. Your installation cost would be discounted if you lay your own insulation which proves to be a hit with self builders.It is always important to get an unvented qualified person if it is a sealed system if it is a vented system a competent heating engineer will do.

The advantages of requesting Macky's Heating to install your underfloor heating systems is that we deal with every aspect of the system.The main problem that is experienced in under floor heating installation is that when plumbers are finished with the plumbing side of the installation they think that their job is done,then the electricians get called out to install the controls,in most cases the company's that supply the systems issue standard wiring diagrams along with comprehensive instructions for controls and a set of drawings with underfloor heating design.The complications arise when there is a different scenario such as type of plumbing on primary connections or integrating it into another system,then the electricians need the plumbers and visa versa which in most cases causes a bit of conflict on site which can be very annoying and time consuming which always amounts to unplanned increases in installation costs.

With us you get stress free installation of underfloor heating system,primary connections,controls and commissioning as standard.We never refer to a system as complete until the operation of the system is thoroughly checked and explained to the customer,commissioned and is compliant with current building regulations.

Solar Panels

We also install solar panels for domestic hot water cylinders.

Power Flushing

If you notice that your Heating System is not heating up or responding as quick as it use to and your system is over 5 years old then you will find that your system is being slowly blocked up with rust particles building up over the years which is mainly caused by oxidisation .This mainly happens to central heating systems that haven't been checked & treated with inhibitor which slows down the corrosive process. When your pipes build up with debris the internal diameter becomes smaller hence minimising heat transfer then your boiler has to stay on longer than usual to heat your house which uses a lot more fuel thats how it makes your system less efficient and can cost you a lot of unnecessary expense.

Power Flushing your system will bring your system back to its best and most efficient performance and your system will be protected by inhibitor after every flush.

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